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Baileigh PT-510HD CNC Plasma Cutter

Baileigh’s line of CNC plasma tables are a turnkey solution for profile cutting, supplied with a servo controlled cutting table, operator control console and Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster plasma system you will be ready to cut in no time.
  • Features
  • Capable of handling 1524 x 3048mm sheets
  • Comes with easy to learn CAD software that can be loaded onto most PC’s
  • Console offers a pre-loaded library of shapes that can be resized & altered at the machine
  • Industrial down draft table to control sparks and fumes
  • Heavy duty table – will support up to 25mm mild steel
  • Gantry can move out of the way to allow over head loading of a full size sheet
  • High quality Panasonic brushless servo motors on X & Y axes (dual drive on Y axis)
  • Automatic height detection for perfect arc distance at all times
  • Thermal Dynamics Plasma Systems
  • Supplied with a Thermal Dynamics A-120 Cutmaster plasma system (60A or 80A machines also available)
  • A powerful 80% duty cycle to handle all-day production cutting
  • Valve in torch reduces cycle time between parts and increases productivity
  • 415V Three phase
  • Consumables for these systems are readily available in New Zealand


Model Baileigh PT-510HD
Cutting area (approx) 1524 x 2972mm
Cutting capacity (A-120 plasma) Up to 38mm
Travel speed Up to 8000mm per minute
Power (table) 240V single phase
Shipping 4064 x 2592 x 1728mm
Weight 1534kg
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