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King Rich SMX 4000 ProtoTRAK CNC Mill, 3 axis

This 1000mm ‘X’ travel machine offers massive capacity at a very competitive price.

The King Rich KR-B3V interfaced with the ProtoTRAK SMX CNC Controller offers a proven rigid construction solid slide-way fixed bed milling solution.

This 3 axis CNC offers the latest ProtoTRAK® technology. Canned cycles include pockets of every shape conceivable, pockets with islands, thread milling, bolt hole patterns, drilling, tapping and boring. AGE profiling means no more calculations! With the unique ‘guess’ key, if a dimension is missing from the drawing simply ‘guess’ the approximate position of a point or intersection, 3D surfacing with ‘on board’ DNC and the capability to handle virtually unlimited program size.

Electronic Handwheel’s allow in manual operation the Handwheel to be switched between course and fine, as well it has the advantage of the handwheels not spinning around when in automatic mode.

The powerful TRAKing feature of the ProtoTRAK SMX CNC comes in that you no longer have to choose between the efficiency of CNC and manual control. With TRAKing, you don't have to go through the process of proving out the CNC program before you press the Go button. You can run the CNC program at the speed at which you crank the handwheel. Go fast, go slow, stop and take a measurement, go backwards, whatever. You are in complete control as the machine moves the table, saddle and (for three-axis models) ram through the programmed coordinates.

NB: Guards removed for clarity
  • Features
  • Solid ram moves along the column providing mass for heavy cuts
  • Generous Z-axis CNC travel
  • Strong and rigid construction
  • Manual quill with integrated quill and ram encoders
  • Electronic handwheels and TRAKing
  • Efficient for any job: manual, 2-axis CNC or 3-axis CNC
  • Standard electronic head for programmable spindle speeds
  • Precision ground ballscrews installed in the table, saddle and column
  • Wide way surfaces are hardened and ground, slideways are Turcite® coated
  • Standard Accessories
  • Inverter driven 7.5HP spindle motor
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Limit switches X, Y & Z
  • Coolant system and coolant tray
  • Front Y axis steel slide cover
  • Roller type vertical chip guard
  • Halogen work light
  • 2 speed ranges
  • X & Y axis manual hand wheels
  • Z axis head movement via jog / goto or programming
  • Air power drawbar for tool release


Model SMX 4000
Table size 1470 x 356mm
Table load capacity 850kg
Longitudinal travel of table 1050mm
Cross travel of table 480mm
Vertical travel 530mm
Spindle nose to table 110 - 640mm
Throat depth 610mm
Spindle speed range 40 - 5,000rpm programmable
Quill power feeds .038 / .76 / .15 mm/rev
Quill travel 140mm
Quill diameter 116mm
Head tilt left to right 45° - 45°
Spindle taper NT40
Spindle motor power 5.75Kw (7.5HP)
Weight 2750kg
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